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Are You Losing Money Because You Don't Know How CE Marking Certification Works?

Do you really understand CE marking certification? Do you know which European directives and standards apply to your products? Do you know how to dramatically increase your product's CE approval success rate? Will your CE marking strategy and tactics be different, if you fully understand the underlying CE marking principles? If you don't understand the principles of CE marking, you are inclined to rely on what your suppliers or customers tell you. And you want to trust that the certification route proposed by third party test laboratories or certification bodies is really in your best interest. But are you sure there isn't a faster or more cost effective solution? Do you feel you are driving your company's CE marking project? Or do you feel you are taken for a ride? Here is your opportunity to take control over your company's CE marking projects. To get back in the driver seat, so to speak. You can learn exactly how the CE marking requirements affect your company's products and business. You can take the strategies and tactics and use them to reduce CE certification costs and get results amazingly fast.

Technical Documentation

A general description of the product

  • Design and manufacturing drawings, descriptions and explanations necessary for the understanding of drawings, results of design calculation made, examinations
  • A list of the standards referred to in specific article of the Directive, applied in full or in part, and descriptions of the solutions adopted to meet the essential requirements where standards have not been applied,
  • A detailed description of manufacture.
  • A description of the means (such as the use of test report or technical file), whereby the manufacturer ensures conformity with the approved model.
  • Copies of the documents the manufacturer has submitted to an approved body in accordance with specified article for some directives.
  • The test certificate for the sample or a certificated copy there of.

ration of Conformity

  • The name and address of the manufacturer or the authorized representative issuing the declaration;
  • The identification of the product (name, type or model number, and any relevant supplementary information, such as lot, batch or serial number, sources and numbers of items)
  • All relevant provisions complied with; the referenced standards or other normative documents (such as national technical standards and specifications) in a precise, complete and clearly defined way;
  • All supplementary information that may be required
  • The date of issue of the declaration; signature and title or an equivalent marking of authorized person
  • The statement that the declaration is issued under the sole responsibility of the manufacturer and, if applicable, the authorized representative.